Trails End Western Pleasure Saddles

Ah…Western Pleasure Saddles.
Often look amazing but not always a pleasure to ride in.  A Trails End custom pleasure saddle offers extreme comfort AND a really professional, individual look. Add velvety softness for your butt and pre-twisted fenders that are gentle on your knees, so you can concentrate on how your horse is going, not how much pain you are in…

And don’t forget the BLING….


IMG_2967 IMG_3063

All western pleasure saddles will now be made under the Trails End name.
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IMG_0187 IMG_4062

The saddle below features a black ostrich seat, black inlaid silver and hand carved roses.




Oh, and our fabulous trees make sure your horse is comfy too….


Your new saddle can be as individual as you are.
Western pleasure saddles are all made on a customised tree from the Trails End Collection, designed by Eddy Powell.
Extras that can be included are:
* Trails End standard designs, including Tulip, Prairie Flower, Acorn, Leaf Border, Inlaid Stars.

* hand carved roses, oak leaves, gum leaves, unique characters/designs.
* Customised silver (found a picture of silver you like? Send it in for a quote).

* silver corner plates
* silver cantle plates
* silver rigging and latigo plates
* silver swell cups
* silver horn caps
* silver tear drops 
* choice of colour suede seat