Saddle Fitting

We fit the rider AND the horse. There is no such thing as a saddle that ‘fits all horses’.

For the rider

One thing for certain is that every rider is different. We make small saddles for larger riders and larger saddles for small riders. Some riders like to be jammed in and other riders want more room to move. 

The trees that a Blue Creek Fender Saddle is built around,
come in seat sizes that are in half inch increments – 13″-15 1/2″.

Once the saddle is made, the seat size is typically 1/2″ smaller than the original tree size. So a 13 1/2″ tree will produce a finished seat size of 13″.

Western saddle seat sizes vary considerably depending upon the style of tree:
cutting, pleasure, reining, barrel racing, roping etc. 

Information helpful to work out saddle seat size, is height, jean size and inside leg measurement.

This is how you measure a fender or western saddle seat.

For the horse

Blue Creek Saddles can custom fit your horse in three ways:

* Bring your horse to us!
* Mobile saddle fitting – depending upon your location, call and ask as I go interstate and a charge may apply.
* Virtual saddle fitting from a distance and I’m good at it.