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All western saddles are now made under the Trails End name.
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Peters Reining Saddle
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Adams Reining Saddle
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The Funky Reining Saddle

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This lovely saddle is on its way to W.A.


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We get so many fantastic comments regarding this particular saddle. It’s classic, timeless style made expressly to the owners requirements is very popular.
* 16″ reining tree, quarter horse bars
* Hermann Oak leather
* barbed wire border and oak leaves
* twisted fenders
* custom conches to match existing bridle

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Custom reining saddle
* 16″ reining tree
* Hermann Oak leather
* Unique printed suede seat
* Prairie flower embossing
* Jeremiah Watt hardware

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Here is my custom reining saddle built in October 2012.
It was made to my specifications and is AWESOME to ride in.
* deep seat, inlaid with ostrich leather.
* rough-out seat and fenders.
* hand carved ‘diaz’ roses & barbwire border.
* Jeremiah Watt hardware.
* twisted fenders. 


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