Premier Campdrafter

The Premier fender saddle is my most popular model of fender. Deep, close and comfortable, are just a few adjectives I use to describe it.

Once you sit in one you won’t want to get out of it. Once you’ve ridden in one you won’t want to ride in anything else.  You’ll feel bloody amazing.
Completely customisable.


Premier Fender

Happy wife, happy life is all I’ll say about this one…




Kim’s Premier Fender



Jenny’s Premier Fender



Ian’s Croc Premier Fender – available as a demo saddle to ride in.
* Call Ian for more detail 0411 772 494
Working Premier Fenders for Alyce and Sharee


Louise’s Premier Fender Saddle



Jenny’s Premier Fender Saddle
Very wide saddle, custom made for a very wide horse, for trail riding.
Fits like a glove.
Jenny also said, she’d never felt safer…


IMG_5346 IMG_5344 IMG_5335 IMG_5336 IMG_5337 IMG_5338 IMG_5339 IMG_5340 IMG_5342


Clinton’s Premier Fender Saddle
Had to rush the photos as it was taken and put straight on the new horse.
First ride, Clinton said felt like he’d been riding in it for years. Thanks mate.


IMG_5265 IMG_5262 IMG_5261 IMG_5260 IMG_5258


Darrells Premier Fender Saddle
Well I just had so much fun making this one and really happy with how it turned out.
* Chestnut Hermann Oak leather
* Inlaid seat – standard on a Premier
* Flank rigging point – an extra
* Barbed wire & bead border


IMG_5209 IMG_5212 IMG_5211 IMG_5207 IMG_5206 IMG_5204 IMG_5203 IMG_5201 IMG_5200 IMG_5199


The Twins Premier Fender Saddles
* 13 1/2 and 14″ seats
* SQ bars
* Inlaid suede seat
* Oak leaf carving on skirts and fenders
* Natural Hermann Oak leather


IMG_4899 IMG_4893 IMG_4895 IMG_4892


IMG_4279 IMG_4297 IMG_4298 IMG_4295 IMG_4290 IMG_4286



IMG_3463 IMG_3464 IMG_3461 IMG_3458 IMG_3457
IMG_3456 IMG_3454 IMG_3476 IMG_3479

Have a look at our short video of the original Premier…please note, dogs not included in purchase price.

The Premier Campdrafter has evolved to a super deep, close contact saddle that really suits a variety of riding styles. Freedom of movement is the key with angled forward knee pads and a slightly wider seat for extra comfort.


Priced under $4000 for natural leather, the Premier Campdraft saddle is flawlessly handcrafted, mostly hand stitched, and sits you very deep in the centre of the seat where you need to be, and more importantly, where you will stay… Extreme comfort, extreme performance.

* Hand cut inlaid seat for close contact.
* Hermann Oak leather.
* 13 – 15″ seat.
* Pre-twised fenders on spring bars.
* Semi-quarter or quarter horse bars.
* PVC backed fenders.
* With or without cheyenne roll.
* Mounted, oiled, ready to ride.