Dry Creek Fender

Dry Creek Fender, a GREAT  ready to ride.
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Lukes Fender Saddle


‘Rawhide’ Dry Creek Fender
I just felt like making a more fancy one, so this has a cheyenne roll as well.
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Dry Creek Fender


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Fancy Dry Creek Fender
* 14″ seat
* Hermann Oak leather
* Jeremiah Watt hardware
* Quilting stamp & seed top meandering border stamp
* Fleece lined
* Two toned leather

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Don’t want one that looks like every other fender out there? Customise!


* Handcrafted using Hermann Oak leather
* Deep seat
* Close contact
* Semi-quarter or quarter horse bars.
* Fenders on spring bars
* Suede or hard seat
* 13″ – 15″ seat size
* Pre-twisted fenders
* Lined with real fleece

All are handcrafted in Queensland by Ian and are oiled, mounted and ready to ride.
EXCEPTIONAL value for money.