Blue Creek Fender

Our MOST popular model, the Blue Creek Fender saddle is a great all round saddle. For drafting, mustering, team penning, pony club, trail riding, endurance riding. You name it, you can do it in a Blue Creek Fender. Similar to our Dry Creek model with the addition of a cheyenne roll (good to hang onto when going down a steep hill..) and rear jockeys.

Warning….may induce euphoria….


Ashlee’s Blue Creek Fender with a few extras
(See our Facebook page for an update from the owner of this saddle)


IMG_4999 IMG_4995 IMG_4986 IMG_4983 IMG_4982

It’s easy to customise a Blue Creek Fender, add some roses, unique conches and bling stirrups!

IMG_3765 IMG_3766 IMG_3770

Another customised Blue Creek fender.
Features an inlaid seat and unique hair-on-hide inlays on the knee rolls.
This one’s off to Victoria.

IMG_3625 IMG_3626 IMG_3630

Another example in cherry leather, also with an inlaid seat. An inlaid seat although more expensive, is the single best way to get close contact and seat depth, in a fender saddle. 

 IMG_3571 IMG_3572

This Blue Creek Fender is customised and features an inlaid seat, barbed wire border, custom hardware and a flank girth.


IMG_3057 IMG_3056 IMG_3055


* Hermann Oak leather
* Semi-quarter or quarter horse bars
* Pre- twisted fenders on spring bars
* Deep seat
* Sizes 13″ – 15″
* Lined with genuine wool fleece
* Suede, hard or rough out seat (inlaid seat option available)
* Rear cinch can be added


* Can be completely customised

Every saddle is handcrafted in Queensland by Ian and are oiled, mounted and ready to ride. For more pictures of Blue Creek Fenders, please go to Custom Blue Creek Fenders.

 Blue Creek Fender in ACTION!