Trails End Cutting Saddles

Each cutting saddle is unique, designed for ultimate performance, yet individually handcrafted by me.
I’m not here to punch them out quickly, I make them to last a lifetime.

All western saddles are now made under the Trails End name – .

Custom Cutting Saddle
* TE cutting 16″ tree
* Hermann Oak leather
* Full flank girth
* tooled skirts and border
* Jeremiah Watt hardware

IMG_3945 IMG_3946 IMG_3949 IMG_3947 IMG_3944 IMG_3951

All enquiries welcome! Call Ian 0411 772 494


We know that your horses and what you do with them are a huge investment, from your wallet and in your heart. The saddle you use must be a safeguard so that neither the rider nor the horse has any concerns about what is between them.  Weirdly, the best compliment we get is, “The second my butt hit the saddle, neither I nor my horse knew it was there!” So you can forget the saddle and enjoy the ride!

Call Ian 0411 772 494 for pricing on a custom cutting saddle, they are built on a Martins Saddlery tree (Eddy Powell design).
* Hermann Oak leather. (Why? It’s the best.)
* Oiled, ready to ride
* Extras include cinches, back cinch, fancy hardware, carving, stamping, etc. etc.