About Us


Welcome to Blue Creek Saddles – I don’t make a lot of them, I make them to last a lifetime – Ian Huxley.

I am a custom saddle maker from Kandanga Queensland. I design and make  Blue Creek fender saddles and Trails End western saddles. And not just the typical, ordinary, hum-drum saddles so common in todays market. There is nothing ordinary about my saddles.

What does ‘custom’ mean? The dictionary says – made or done to order for a particular customer. And that’s what I do, make to order. So when you see a cheap import from the US and they call themselves  ‘so and so’s custom saddles’, you can be assured it was not handmade for you but mass produced cheaply.

Each saddle I make is carefully designed, built with skill, and masterfully finished using only the finest and highest quality materials available. 

A beautiful saddle won’t ride any better than a plain saddle, but it doesn’t hurt for a saddle to be an individual work of art. At Blue Creek Custom Saddles, I handcraft each saddle to achieve a perfect balance of form and function without sacrificing beauty. Tough enough and comfortable enough to muster in all day.


My entry level saddles are also painstakingly constructed. Being plain is not an excuse for shoddy or sloppy work and it won’t be part of any saddle that is built in by me in my workshop. I want everyone who rides in Blue Creek Custom Saddle to be able to ride with pride and I do what it takes to make that possible.


 I am a memeber of the ‘Saddlers and Harness Makers Association of Australia’ and his wife Sue, has had many years of experience working in the both the Saddlery and Animal Health industries.

I welcome all enquiries, so please feel free to contact me at anytime on 0411 772 494.