Everything we do, we believe in thinking differently, in doing differently, in challenging the status quo. 
The way we do this is by making our products beautifully designed, innovative and unique.

We just happen to make saddles.

Welcome to the Blue Creek Saddles website.


Fender saddle for Alex -“I spent 2 years saving and looking for a saddle maker that I was willing to pay for. I was blown away by blue creek. They bring something else to the table with their fender saddles. The details are endless. And once we ( my partner just had to get one for herself) collected them and rode in them it’s was unreal. Ian went above and beyond to make sure we got what we visioned. And also what the horses wanted. Which was a perfect fit. If I ever need another saddle it will be a blue creek Thankyou Ian and sue.”



Premier Fender – demo saddle 2018


All round ranch saddle for Jeff.


Fancy Fenders for Julie & Tarryn



Premier Fender for Kim


Fender saddles for Luke and Jenny



Recently made western saddles – please go to for more detail.


One of my breakaway saddles in action – Patty’s ‘Timeless’.


Rachael’s Reining Saddle
For more on this saddle please click here to go to the Trails End website.



Western saddles made during 2016:


Ian’s Croc seat Premier Fender     &    North QLD Custom Blue Creek Fender


Louse’s Premier fender   &      Zoe’s ‘Trails Creek”



Premier Fenders for Alyce and Sharee

Sharee riding in her new saddle Jan 2017.


Here are the latest Trails End western saddles.
Click on each pic for more detail to go to


Jenny’s Premier Fender


Brian’s Trails End Team Roper


Clinton’s Blue Creek Premier Fender


Kristy’s Trails End Barrel Saddle


Gwen’s Trails End All Rounder
You will be taken to the Trails End Saddles page)


‘Rawhide’ Dry Creek Fender


Darrell’s Premier Fender


Ruth  &  Patty’s Timeless

IMG_5015 IMG_5047

John  &  Glen

IMG_5141 IMG_4877

Sue  &  The Twins

IMG_4922 IMG_4890

Ashlee   &    Anne

IMG_4997 IMG_4956














Kane’s Saddle
Click here for more.


IMG_4638 IMG_4649 IMG_4632 IMG_4635


Evelyn’s Saddle
* Hand made barrel racing tree to fit
* scolloped skirts
* Texas star conches
* hand made tassels
* Tulip embossing
* for more pictures please click here and go to our Trails End website


IMG_4589 IMG_4588 IMG_4592


Don’t forget the Ian Francis & Clinton Anderson event is on December 2017!
Blue Creek Saddles & Trails End saddles will be there with saddles on display and for sale.





Bec and Yvonne’s Saddles
Please click here to go to the Trails End Saddles website for more pictures of these saddles.

IMG_4532 copy IMG_4507

IMG_4551 IMG_4533 IMG_4534


Adams Reining Saddle
For more pictures and details, please click here to go to the Trails End website.


IMG_4454 IMG_4465 IMG_4466 IMG_4461


Meg’s Barrel Racing Saddle
For more pictures of this saddle please click here for the Trails End website.


IMG_4396 IMG_4389 IMG_4395


Blue Creek Saddles – home of the Fancy Fender
Thanks Erin, I really enjoy making saddles like this.
* Natural Hermann Oak leather
* Printed suede seat
* Prairie flower embossing
* Dee’s, conches, all the usual trimmings


IMG_4310 IMG_4309 IMG_4304 IMG_4305

Custom Blue Creek Fender
* Dark brown Hermann Oak leather
* SQ bars, inlaid seat
* Brass/gold fittings
* Just beautiful, thanks Megan
* Click here for more


IMG_4296 IMG_4286 IMG_4290


First saddle out of the NEW Blue Creek / Trails End workshop:
* Modified Barrel saddle, QH bars
* Prairie flower embossing, saddle strings
* Lovely saddle for a lovely lady – thanks Michala.
* Please click here for more pictures of this saddle


IMG_4258 IMG_4249 IMG_4229


Another Fancy Fender!


IMG_4068 IMG_4067 IMG_4065


Declan’s Saddle

* chestnut Hermann Oak leather
* inlaid seat
* Barbed wire border
* Jeremiah Watt hardware
* Purchase of a lifetime


IMG_4040 IMG_4044 IMG_4045


The Funky Reining Saddle

Warning, may cause euphoria.
For more pictures of this saddle please click here to go to our Trails End Saddles website.

IMG_3945 IMG_3952


Another fancy fender from Ian – off to Melbourne.
Please click here for more pics of this really lovely saddle.



Ebony’s saddle, simply beautiful….
All enquiries are welcome, please call Ian anytime on 0411 772 494.
For more pictures, please click here.





Another fab custom Blue Creek fender saddle.
This one features Ian’s fantastic inlaid seat which gives you the closest contact you can get in a fender saddle. Click here for more pics of this lovely saddle.



The joys of a custom made saddle. It’s made to suit you and no-one else!

This saddle is a custom Blue Creek Fender:
* Hermann Oak leather, two tone.
* Rope border
* Inlaid suede seat
* Blue Creek custom tree, designed by Ian and exclusive to Blue Creek Saddles.
* Twisted fenders
* Monkey (oh shit) strap!


IMG_3491 IMG_3494 IMG_3493


Our prices start at $3300 for the Stockyard Fender, and $3350.00 for a fully custom saddle.
We welcome all enquiries, please call Ian on 0411 772 494 anytime.

One of our horses Sam, being a supermodel….


 Click here for more pictures of this beautiful saddle.


Custom Blue Creek Fender


IMG_3057 IMG_3056 IMG_3055

IMG_3571 IMG_3572 IMG_3573


Dry Creek Fender

IMG_2994 IMG_2996 IMG_3017 IMG_3016


For more western saddles please visit:




Dry Creek Fender.
These saddles are very reasonably priced.
Call Ian on 0411 772 494 anytime, all enquires welcome.


IMG_2807 IMG_2805 IMG_2811 IMG_2813 IMG_2809


This picture features Wendy Johnston with her custom cutting saddle made by Ian, on “Dollywood”, by Pepewood.
Five to six horses a day, six days a week for years. Built to last…

dolly & wen 1


Thank you Tanya, for the opportunity to make your new reining saddle! Glad you like it.
Go to Trails End Saddles for more western saddles.


IMG_2528 IMG_2519 IMG_2539

paradise saddle 3



Thanks Grace! Glad you are so happy with your saddle!


Ian and Eddy Powell finishing off the trophy saddles for the APRA 2013.

ian&eddy  Ian&Eddy1


Here’s just a taste of Blue Creek Saddles from 2002 to now. Enjoy….


All saddles made right here in Queensland by Ian Huxley.
You will see and feel the difference.
Call anytime, we welcome all enquiries! 



We’d like to tell you we’ve made saddles for certain professional trainers; for this big winner or that big winner and there have been a few.  Would that make a difference as to how we make our saddles? Not really. When Blue Creek Custom Saddles was founded by Ian and Sue Huxley over 16 years ago, we decided to make the best saddle possible, use only the best materials and make them affordable. That tradition has continued when we also became Trails End Western Saddles in 2012.

     IMG_3454 IMG_3055 IMG_2994 JennyMc

Our customers are people who ride outside the limelight for most of the time. They still have hopes and dreams, like all riders.  Many are achieving their dreams in a Blue Creek Custom Saddle.

Our goal is quality, not quantity and each saddle that leaves our workshop wears the Blue Creek Custom Saddles brand and is an ambassador for Ian’s reputation as a saddle maker. Each saddle represents Blue Creek Custom Saddles in arenas, on trails and in the bush. For that reason, the quality goes in it before our name does. When you visit Ian’s workshop, you’ll find him building great saddles using the same methods of past generations. You won’t see assembly lines or a lot of high tech equipment. Well, you’ll see some high tech equipment!
Modern technology and all that.


 Ian makes fender, campdraft and western saddles. We have several campdraft/fender models: Premier, iSaddle, Blue Creek, Dry Creek, Fancy Fender. However each can be customised to suit your individuality.
All western saddles are custom made, see the Trails End website.

 If you’ve read this far, then you may have some questions. We welcome ALL enquiries and visits to our workshop. Please feel free to contact Ian anytime on 0411 772 494. If we’re out riding, please leave a message!

Proudly Australian Made.

For work or play.